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Since 2009 we have been working hard to “Reconnect A Broken World.” Our focus from day one has and remains to be a ministry to the Ohana of Christ. The one is as important to us as the many, this is why we are constantly on the lookout for where we can serve that one who may eventually impact the many.

The Gospel

We center our efforts on helping others freedive deeper into the gospel of grace. Consistently and purposely taking aim on being Big Kingdom minded enabling multiplication of Kingdom efforts. Diligent labor is given through praying, serving, teaching, and walking beside to intertwine our stories with the global Ohana. As we have done this, we have discovered that our global Ohana has deep needs.


We believe that there are two types of missionary efforts. There is both the one where we see Paul going personally to start and build churches. There is also the one that we find in Colossians 2:1-5, where Paul unable to go personally lets the church of Colossae know that while not in their presence he is laboring on their behalf. This is the model that World Prayr is choosing as its labor of love.


As we work to live and live to serve those pastors and missionaries who are already structured, established and serving in their native countries or languages. Choosing to journey beside them equipping, encouraging and enabling them to go deeper as they labor to MATHITIS (disciple) their Ohana’s (spiritual families) in the gospel of grace. We are serving them by building relationships and providing structure so that others feel comfortable to come alongside. Along with providing resources, prayer and the feeling of Ohana.


We truly are laboring to help others see that in Christ real worship is a growing empowerment and enablement of one’s ability to freedive deeply into the gospel of grace. Joining others in knowing real freedom is known through not just worshiping but being worshippers and servants. Joining a global Ohana as all come to an understanding of the depth, width, and breadth of God’s love.


The Apostle Paul focused on ORGANIC growth. We are too. By doing so we are working to be global MULTIPLIERS. Discover how we are doing this and how you can ENABLE us to SERVE and serve with us through Project Ohana.

Let’s reconnect this broken world

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