Reconnecting a Broken World

Why is Project Ohana so important to us? Why does it seem like we have so much going on and so many different ways for YOU involved? We consistently ask ourselves that question. Simply put because we saw a need and decided to be intentional about standing in the gap to labor towards meeting that need. Since 2009 we have been working to “Reconnect A Broken World”


Bringing Light for the Glory of God

Yes, we know that the image of Pastor Joseph Koech leading his church in worship is blurred and out of focus  (An image is taken from the video above (Taken out of a video Pastor Joseph sent us of his church service.)).   We think it shows the reality of life in Kenya. In Kenya, they do not have the latest iPhone or Samsung to take great videos. They also do not have electricity and often meet without protection from the elements. World Prayr is partnering with Pastor Joseph to change that. See this wonderful story laid out in images in the video above.

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Solar Project

Helping People to Meditate on the Word in Their Native Tongue

"Majority of our church members are from Buddhist background. Therefore they need to study and read God's word so that they may have a strong faith even to be able to share the gospel to others. Translated books will also enable those who cannot attend church because of work to read books at home."

- Pastor Thuam Suan, Project leader for translation projects, Myanmar/Burma

Find out how we are working with Pastor Thuam to meet this need and provide a valuable commodity to his church and community by watching the above video.

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Measured Impact

Even During A Pandemic World Prayr Is Making A Difference

"I have more time to read the book during covid-19 restriction days. I would say the book is a guide to my life how to walk in His grace. I am very happy for having this book with me so that I can read it at anytime."

- Daw Aye Myint, Recipient of Walking In God's Grace, Burmese Translation, Myanmar/Burma

Meet A Need

Being Used In Ways Only God Could Make Happen.

One book is being used in ways that we never would have imagined it could be.


Pastor Larry Jarbah

Pastor Larry Jarbah and his wife are former refugees. They started the African Bible Church on November 13, 2005 at the Buduburam and Krisan Refugee Camps. Currently Pastor Larry after having to leave his homeland during the war in Liberia has returned home to plant a church. His wife, Linda, along with other church leaders remain in oversight of the church started near the refugee camps in Ghana. They minister to the needs of widows, orphans, the poor and refugees.

Meeting in an old rented cinema, Pastor Larry continues serving the church in Liberia training and developing leaders. Linda, his wife, along with other leaders continue to minister to the needs of widows, orphans, refugees, and the poor in Ghana near the refugee camps. At present there are two church branches in Ghana.

We took time to interview each of our pastors. Following is the interview that Pastor Larry Jarbah gave us. Pastor Larry is asked and answers several questions during his interview. His comments on solar power importance and book resources are encouraging. He discusses the difficulties he faces and his need for various resources.

Here is an opportunity to give to Larry to support the work he and his wife are doing.

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Map of Southern Asia

Pastor Shah Talour

Pastor Shah Talpur (Not real name and not name we use in our interview as we keep switching it up.) is married to Jnana Talpur. They are from a Southern Asian part of Asia. Where Christians are a minority in the country and continuously face persecution . Pastor Shah is an elder over three churches and a bible college. He currently councils pastors and works with several social projects for the poor at the churches he and Jnana are involved with. They have built two children daycare centers.

Their visions for the ministry are training leaders for churches, planting churches and helping the poor. They do all of this while living, serving and worshipping in a country persecuting the Christian minority. They have received death threats and the country is constantly under political unrest. All translation projects we do with Pastor Shah are done in country. We are not able to ship large quantities of books to him. The few we do send he must smuggle in his suitcase as he returns form the Netherlands.

In this initial audio interview (Unable to do video due to concerns for his safety), Pastor Shah is revered to as Bara Rahman one of two aliases we use when talking to him online. Bara (not his real name) is asked several questions centering around issues he faces living in a persecuted country. Chief among them is spreading the gospel and the persecution he encounters everyday. World Prayr uses meetings to develop a relationship and discover the needs he has to carry the Good News to the people of his country.

Here is an opportunity for you to be involved in the life of Pastor Shah Talpur.

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Map of India

Pastor Kantharao Gorrepally

Pastor Kantharao Gorrepally is a pastor from Telangana state in South India. He's married and the father of three girls. Kantharao was brought up a Hindu. India is a predominantly Hindu nation. He was saved about 25 years ago. After high school he went to Bible school, studied theology and graduated with a bachelor's degree.

Pastor Kantharao runs two orphanages with most of the kids having Hindu backgrounds. Many of the orphanage kids encounter Christ and accept and confess Jesus Christ as the Lord over their lives. He's the pastor of the church these kids attend. The Lord has blessed him with a special gift of reciting books and chapters of the Bible from memory. He travels regularly on gospel tours working with pastors of different denominations. His vision is to care for and express the love of Christ to every orphan and widow in his region. He hopes to lead them to know Jesus Christ. He prays regularly that India grants orphans the same rights as children with parents. He doesn't want to turn anyone away that comes his way. Keep in mind that as he goes on these gospel tours he is breaking the law and has already been arrested for dong so.

World Prayr had the opportunity to interviews Pastor Kantharao. In thin interview he gives World Prayr a brief bio. He also describes the governmental persecution of Christians in India and issues he faces running a orphanage and mentoring other pastors. World Prayr continues to build a relationship with him and hopes to aid him in providing resources to bring the message of the gospel of grace to his people.

Here is an opportunity to give to Pastor Kantharao to support the work he and his wife are doing.

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Map Of Kenya

Pastor Joseph Koech

Joseph Koech is a minister of the gospel of grace in Kenya, East Africa. Currently overseeing three churches; one in Nakuru (Started in 2010), another in Molo (Started in August 2016), where he stays and the third a new one in keringet (local corrupted pronunciation of green gate) His main joy is to preach the msg of grace. He serves as pastor to pastors as well. He spends his time serving in the pastoral/teaching ministry as well as doing missionary trips locally and to neighboring Uganda. Ofyen taking the time to show Christian films using a projector. It is his prayer that the Lord enables him to cover more area locally and also East Africa with the message of grace.

Pastor Joseph's greatest challenge is found in his teaching as he preaches about works gospel and prosperity gospel. These he has found are big impediments to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently the Molo church started a sewing program to train some of the church members with skill in order to empower them economically. He, himself, is a small poultry farmer, has a cow and plants corn and Irish potatoes for subsistence. He has 3 sons, two are adults and the youngest is in high school. He adopted a son and a daughter who are now grown-ups.

Joseph's interview begins with a discussion of meetings with other pastors and its importance. Joseph shares his thoughts on the gospel of grace, resource needs impact and his hardest challenge.

Here is an opportunity to give to Pastor Joseph to support the work he is doing.

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Children's and womens pastor Shamsa Emmanuel

Shamsa Emmanuel

Shamsa Emmanuel is from Faisalabad, Pakistan. She is the founder and director of Mercy For Widows & Orphans PK. (MWO). Their mission is preaching grace and the love of God. Her organization was founded in 2014 and had two members and now has nine. She is a trained schoolteacher working in a Muslim school. She has visited different villages to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. With the help of others they have opened eight home churches. In her organization, MWO, she teaches little kids in Sunday school.

She helped translate a children's devotional book into Urdu to help children learn the devotions in their native language. The book has helped little kids and has been featured in a mobile library providing an opportunity to be read by Muslims. She has a sewing center for training ladies to empower them economically. She also has a feeding program that provides widows and the poor a food bag once or twice a month. Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country where Christians are a minority. While on field trips to preach the gospel, illiteracy and the lack of training centers are impediments. Her desire is to do full time ministry by being a vessel for Christ to use.

During Shamsa's interview, she shared about her past, becoming a missionary/teacher and her passion to teach young children about God and the gospel. She discussed her resource needs, how translated books help and the impact of World Prayr on her ministry.

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Map Of Myanmar

Pastor Thuam Suan

Pastor Thuam Khat Suan. Is a pastor in Yangon, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). He is also a missionary of the church in other areas. They have a small bible school as they train those who were former Buddhists in the gospel. Their primary mission field is among the Buddhists. Their desire is that not only Buddhist, but others will come to accept Christ. His greatest challenge in ministry is that they lack resources and the finances to obtain those resources.

World Prayr has stepped into the gap to help him acquire those resources. Through Project Ohana we are helping him gain a great commodity in translated books in their language. Along with installing renewable energy in the houses of church members. Communicating with Pastor Thuam can only be done through Facebook video calls. As Skype is not available in his area of the country. Notwithstanding, we have once a month meetings with him to see how things are going.

Facebook calls do not offer recording abilities. So, instead we sent Thuam some questions and asked him to record his answers. Following is the recording he made of his answers to our questions. We hope you'll take time and learn more about this wonderful man of God, we are blessed to journey with.

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