Impacting Communities With Gospel Truth

Encouraging Meditation on God's Word

Translating books into various languages with the aim of showing God's glory as found in His Word.
Enables us to reach and disciple to all ends of the earth.

One Story, One Life At A Time

The Urdu version of Reflections is how one project can impact an entire community.


World Prayr Is Impacting Pakistan
Making a Difference
Be sure to watch the video to see the whole story

Creating Impact In Ways Only God Could

We never would have imagined the doors God would open with our projects. The Reflections projects is the story of one such impact, as God opened a door to place these books in a Non-Christian school.

World Prayr Places Books In A Non-Christian School

Introducing The Book

A Rare Moment

First Christian Book In Urdu

Teachers Receiving Books

First Christian Book In Urdu

Impacting School Children

Impacting School Children

A Christian Girl In A Non-Christian School

Not Just One

Not Just One

Ten Books Came Into That School

Table Full Of English Books

Table Full Of English Books

And One Urdu, For English Children

English Christian Books

English Christian Books

On A Bookshelf In A Non-Christian School


“God gave the Word to reveal His love and His son. He gave mankind Creation to reveal His glorious beauty. He also offered poetry to help us see into His love more deeply. This beautiful writing Reflections combines them all. I thank the Holy Spirit who inspired Wanda Thompson to write this book. ”

Shamsa Emmanuel
Shamsa Emmanuel
Women's and Children's minister, project leader for Urdu translation projects, Pakistan
A Finished Project Still Impacting

The Impact Of A Single Choice Spreads Deeply.

One translation project has now launched a mobile library, spread into another community and opens the doors to reach deeper in the community, it all began in.

Are You Ready To Create A Gospel Story By Providing Books In Native Languages?
Because the 21st century calls for a new way to impact global communities.

An Opportunity
To Create A Gospel Story


Encourage those you care about or discover a new way to introduce others to Christ by purchasing a book or two, see the offer below. .

Church Promotions

Instead of pens, cups or other novelty items give something impactful and gospel-centered, while still promoting your church..

Hospitality and Mercy Ministry

Reflections makes for a wonderful encouraging gift for those in times of discouragement, loneliness or pain.

Support World Prayr and Make A Difference In Your Community, and Globally.

Two unique opportunities to promote your church and create gospel impact.
  • Purchase the devotional version for $4.99 from World Prayr and create gospel moments.
  • Make a donation of over $250.00 and receive twenty-five books, each with a unique insert designed by the team of World Prayr promoting your church, ministry or organization (Like the one on the right side, here.).
(Offer good only through World Prayr.)
Selling Online

Every purchase or donation given enables us to provide resources from books to monthly support to our pastors and missionaries. .

Working with churches who want to create their own inserts, while supporting the translation projects of Project Ohana.

Other sizes besides the devotional size can also be purchased, ask us for prices.

Donate and choose instead to send 25 books to one of two locations in Pakistan.

Offers subject to "Quid pro quo" regulations and laws of IRS in the U.S.

Insert offer good for other Energion Publications, contact us.

Because You Choose To Be Intentional

Consider Donating to Translation Projects


1 book
  • A copy of Reflections devotional book
  • Create gospel moments in your community!


  • Book insert designed by World Prayr
  • Support the ongoing translation projects worldwide
  • Eligible with the minimum purchase of 25 copies of the devotional

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